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  • Overview 2019
  • Overview 2020

Overview 2019

At the end of 2018, we were eagerly awaiting Junior Rantheti’s matric results. Junior is a learner who progressed from using our primary school library to using one of our high school libraries. True to form, he produced 4 A’s and 3 B’s and was accepted to study Aeronautical Engineering at WITS.

2019 was the year in which we turned the inevitable corner; suddenly positive changes were being observed at all levels of our intervention programme.

  1. Learners participating in our enrichment programmes, were producing excellent results and competition was getting tighter.
  2. More and more learners were qualifying to move on to spelling test two and three, with many obtaining 100% in both tests
  3. The number of learners qualifying to receive academic awards had increased, with more and more learners achieving distinctions in both Mathematics and English tests
  4. Teachers using resources and asking for assistance when required, was increasing day by day
  5. Numbers of learners attending libraries over the weekends and school holidays was on the increase with principals and teachers at some schools joining in to assist library assistants

Since the change was observed, predominantly at schools that have been in the system for three years or more. It is evident that change is possible, but it takes time and patience.


The name change from” Imperial and Ukhamba Community Development Trust” to “Imperial and Motus Community Trust” was successful. The new logo reflects the colours of our two sponsoring companies.

The website was upgraded with a fresh new style, which reflects all intervention programmes undertaken at schools and not only libraries.

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  • Ebuhleni Primary School
    January 2019

  • Emfuleni Primary School
    April 2019

  • Pentarosa Primary School
    April 2019

  • Elsie Ngidi Primary
    July 2019

  • Tshitso Primary School
    July 2019

  • Libra Primary School (Hyundai)
    September 2019

  • Moyisela Primary School
    October 2019


The Trust staff subscribe to the view that learners have to be allowed to experiment and be exposed to varied experiences at school in order to determine the path they intend to take as adults and to fit into society. The extra-curricular and co-curricular activities being offered by the Trust continue to challenge learner potential and awaken hidden talents that were hereto unheard of at our partner schools.

Co-curricular activities - 2019

1. February Dictionary Quiz 680
2. March Board Games 118
3. March Spelling Test One 15502
4. April General Knowledge Quiz 700
5. May Spelling Test Two 8962
6. August Maths Science & Technology Competition 720
7. August Spelling Test Three 4417
8. October Book Quiz 700
9. October Spelling Bee Finals 60

Extra-curricular activities - 2019

1. Saturday Sports Programmes 14 1260
2. Sponsored Fun Days  5 1200
3. Christmas Parties 3 476
4. Road Safety Events 29 13182
5. Grade R Fun Days 7 1163
6. Holiday Programmes 3 X school holidays 11262
7. Learners attending library on Saturdays 20 X Saturdays 19473


In order to ensure that staff cope with the challenges in the classroom, they continue to be upskilled. Apart from continuous in-service training by Cluster Leaders, the following outsourced training took place in 2019.

1. Reading and Book Analysis 70
2. Microsoft Office Package  15
3. First Aid 10
4. Teaching Reading to Children 70
5. Self-Discipline Skills/ Leadership Skills 75
6 Wealth and Health Management 75


Working directly with schools and observing the dire conditions under which learners are taught can be distressing. Classrooms are overcrowded and dirty, grounds have no grass, jungle gyms, where available, are in poor condition, toilets are broken and the list goes on and on.

While it is almost impossible to continue ignoring the sad plight, we have come to realise that we cannot solve all the problems of the world. However, where possible, we try to use our network of resources to get assistance for a few schools.

In 2019 the following opportunities were presented and schools were assisted through special project donations.

Two libraries were upgraded on behalf of Habbiatul Ilm Trust

Donations by Imperial Logistics and NGK Sparks Plugs and HMA allowed us to upgrade three Grade R Play areas and 7 Grade classrooms.

  • Imperial Road safety area
    Ebuhleni Primary

  • Imperial Road safety area
    Ebuhleni Primary

  • HMA Donation
    Sierra Nevada Primary School

  • NGK – Play Area Upgrade


A number of Fun Days were also hosted on behalf of:

  • Liquid capital

  • Imperial Logistics

  • NGK Sparks Plugs

  • Moritz Back – Donor from Germany



Donations from the following individuals were also received towards the “Sponsor a Student” programme

Modern Residences

ECO Health

Anonymous Donor

Dr Sakina Hoosen


Learners were once again treated to the joy of Christmas as we celebrated three events

Overview 2020

Since the inception of the Trust in 2005, every succeeding year up to this moment has presented us with exciting and humbling opportunities for the promotion of literacy at township schools mainly in the south of Johannesburg. Each year since we rolled out our flagship Library and Literacy Programme, we got substantially closer to narrowing the literacy gap.
Covid-19 has unfortunately slowed down our ascent, yet thankfully we have not collapsed asunder but will be back in the saddle as soon as things return to the ‘new normal’.

Our staff has ensured that all Covid-19 protocols are followed for all visitors to the library, thus ensuring the safety of learners and teachers and their families.


The following projects were completed before lockdown and during various stages of lockdown.


Lindisa Primary School in Evaton was the proud beneficiary of a Hyundai sponsored library on 21 January 2020. This ‘new kid’ brought the total number of Imperial and Motus libraries (with the help of social responsibility partners) to 42.

The handover of our 43rd library was to the community of Leratadima Primary School in Thokoza on 30 January 2020.


Road Safety

In an attempt to draw back the over 14 000 annual deaths on South African roads – many of them pedestrians – the Motus-sponsored Road Safety initiative was presented over ten days in February to learners at 30 schools impacting 10 000 learners.

Dictionary Quiz

The annual dictionary quiz also took place in February 2020. Sixty-four contestants who qualified in the pre-trials at our partner schools used their skills to walk away with the top prizes in each category. Sadly, yet so gratifying, because of the stiff competition and high standard, a number of contestants, despite high scores in the semis, were not able to make it to the finals.

It is so rewarding to observe the improvement in dictionary usage and the requisite skills that accompany this valuable, yet so neglected, resource.


The planned curricular and extra-curricular activities ceased completely in March 2020 and resumed at a reduced scale in August 2020. The break gave the management team an opportunity to refashion and update our activities to further propel the strides in observable learner skills. These new offerings, projects and activities will hopefully start in 2021.


Library Handover Phepane

Phepane Primary School in Evaton received their library on 9 September when lockdown restrictions were eased, bringing the number of libraries established in the Sedibeng West District (D8) to 13. The handover was necessarily low key – though not without concomitant joy – with only 20 people in attendance – a far cry from the school and community wide celebration that normally welcomes the handover of a new library.

Intokoza Primary School library handover

We next rolled into Katlehong in the East Rand to hand over a sparkling new library to Intokozo Primary School on 30 September. The handover marked our increased footprint in the east of the metropole – an area which has been earmarked to receive ten libraries over the next two years.

Literacy Month

The traditional observance of literacy month in September took an unavoidable backseat while teachers tried to catch up on missed lessons. Awards for the top readers and storytelling continued as these did not affect, but rather enhanced, teaching and learning. Records and statistics show that learners are borrowing books at an increased rate compared to previous years.

Storytelling- planned with class teachers – was restricted to the grade one learners and took place during the storytelling lessons. These story sessions are joyfully received by the little ones because of the acting skills of our staff. Teachers, too, relish the story hour because their large class numbers severely limit their capacity for engaging in stories.


Goedehoop Library Handover

Another library came into existence in the East Rand with the handover of library number 46 to Goedehoop Primary School on 14 October 2020. Goedehoop Primary caters to 2400 learners from the Joe Slovo and Ramaphosa informal settlements. Goedehoop Primary joins rank with another of our partner schools, Mid-Ennerdale Primary, as a mega sized school.


Spelling Bee

Something unprecedented in our history occurred in this eleventh month when 11 learners from Elsie Ngidi Primary in Soweto qualified for the education district’s annual spelling bee competition. It’s now not uncommon to see happy children proudly wearing ‘SPELLING CHAMP’ badges.

Staff Training

Our staff have become more than mere caretakers of libraries. Our assistant librarians are sourced from unemployed youth from the very communities the libraries are established in. They have been transformed into teachers, sportsmen and women, story tellers and actors, nurses and social workers, mums and dads. This has pleased us immensely.

We trained some staff to perform one or more of the above tasks and skills to ensure that no child coming to the library is deprived of a complete and rewarding experience.

Message from one of our principals

I just want to send my sincere appreciation for the wonderful work you are doing to our schools. You truly have become to us what water is to fish. Not only is your generous donation benefitting the little ones…., it has on the same breath ignited the professionalism and passion in our teachers. Teaching has become much more easy and effective due to the smartboard. The confidence of the teachers has also been given a huge boost. Thank you so much for your priceless donation. To the whole of Motus and Imperial team…. Thanks a million times.

In spite of all the challenges in the country and the world over, we ended the 2020 academic year with a pool of 46 libraries, that caters to 53 000 leaners; preparations are in place to hand over four more libraries in the first half of 2021, thus reaching our first milestone of fifty libraries.

We thank all our sponsors, partners and well-wishers for their continuous support and motivation and look forward to a more productive 2021.